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Fantastic! Very deep and worthwhile massage. I’ll be back again!

Jane J

This treatment helped me very much – relaxing, comforting and totally enjoyable.

Jo R

Wonderfully relaxing treatment with plenty of attention paid to unleashing tension in my muscles – fab! 

Abigail E

I received an excellent treatment, very relaxing and highly recommended. Judy M

Judy M

Never had the hot stones before, wonderful, will be back and use the 2 for 1 offer again! 

Dawn B

Sandra has helped me a great deal with long term problems and has been both knowledgeable and skillful. Andrew J

Andrew J

Thoroughly enjoy my hot stone treatments with Sandra she is very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. My husband who hates massages even went for treatment on a pulled muscle, and came home full of praise. The first time I’ve ever had a free treatment as a Christmas present!!!! I live locally but I only heard about her through the ‘Best of’ website, so thank you very much for bringing her business to my attention. Will of course continue to sing Sandra’s praises. Judy M

Judy M

I feel on top of the world after the massage. My glutes feel a lot lighter. Although it was hard pressure it has done the trick. I can play football again, I can conquer the world!!

Steven Halliwell

Top job, many thanks, my shoulder feels loads better now. Sandra certainly knows what she is doing.

Steven M

The massage I have had from Sandra was so relaxing, I almost fell asleep. Definitely recommended.

Simon A

Enjoyed my massage, don’t feel so tense around my shoulders now. Will return and have another massage. Thanks

Yvonne P

The best massage I have ever had, many thanks Sandra, you certainly know your stuff

Amanda G

Very relaxing. Sandra concentrated on the required areas. Just what I wanted. Thank you.


Sandra really knows her stuff, and if you want a massage that really gets into those tender spots, get yourself booked in with her!

Katie L

Ive been for alot of sports massage’s in Lancashire over the years but ive found Sandra to be the best 🙂

Jonathan E

Being a keen marathon runner I am always on the look out for a good massage! I was recommended to go and see Sandra from several runners and since that amazing first massage I have been a regular for the past 12months. I have been amazed how much quicker I recover from training aches and pains and how much Sandra’s massages have helped keep me injury free this year! I would highly recommend this lady!!!

Marc P

I was suffering from a lot of lower back pain, and was sceptical what help a massage would do when my doctor said that he couldn’t help me. On my first visit to Sandra, I felt immediatly at ease with her polite and professional manner. Sandra’s extensive knowledge soon had me feeling a lot better. Now at the first signs of any aches or pains, Sandra is the first person to come to mind to get me better again. Highly recommended

Gerard W

Magical all over body therapeutic massage to relieve the stresses and strains of frantic modern day life. Or alternatively more specific treatments for those suffering from chronic conditions – service recommended to friends with even more amazing results. Whatever your problem Sandra will solve it!

Ross S

The owner!!! she does what is said on the tin!!! Her massage is a firm sport massage, not the limp ‘spa’ massage I’ve had in the past! She is so knowledgeable about the body, which is a real bonus for me, being a young OAP with a body that is wearing out, she is keeping me in good working order, wether I’ve got aches and pains that need attention, or just stress relief she solves my problems 100% The only down side is I have to go home, when all I want to do is fall asleep on her massage bed!!! ps she is fab, friendly, and fun. Judy Monaghan.

Judy M

That was excellent, I felt 100 per cent better after the massage


That was absolutely brilliant. I have never had a more powerful or therapeutic massage.

Kathleen H

Very good, makes me feel like a new person. Nice and friendly too.

Fiona J

When you meet Sandra B for a massage ooooooohhhhhh you say !! You will feel a new person walking away.I will be Back another day.

Norma V

Massage definitely paid off. Ran better than expected, finished in top half and felt good.

Paul W

had a great neck,shoulder and back massage with Sandra. I was suffering with a lot of tension and didn’t think it would be possible to sort it out within a 1 hour session,i felt great after the massage and a day later i feel even better.if you are suffering with tension or pain she’s the lady to go and see.friendly,knowledgeable,and very very good at what she does,the best massage i have ever had

Lee R

I went to Sandra for a full body massage. I can honestly say it was the most beneficial massage I’ve ever had. As well as being an opportunity for me to totally relax, it was also the first time I felt it made a difference to the knots and tension in my muscles. I was able to freely move my neck without it cracking for the first time in years! I would recommend Sandra for any type of massage.

Rachel P

Sandra really makes you feel relaxed. I had the hot stone massage and it was very relaxing and enjoyable. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Sandra. Thank you again Sandra.

Dawn D

Fantastic! Very deep and worthwhile massage. I’ll be back again!

Jane J


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Enjoyed my massage, don’t feel so tense around my shoulders now. Will return and have another massage. Thanks
Yvonne P